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14 08 2007

when i helped the p.s.a

by Tails 6

It was an ordanarey day at the hq i Tails 6 was searching the monitors for penguins breaking the rules my phone rang i grabbed it. It was G asking me to check the ship hold for anything suspicios i teliported to the beach waddled to the ship heard voices it was rockhopper and enemy pirates with swords i heard the enemy pirates saying give us ye ship or else and rockhopper said ye shall not have me ship the p.s.a shall be here in any second with thee expert agent then i ran down to the hold and grabed two swods rockhopper was out numbered i came i gave him a sword ane we fought togetherbravley the last one has two swords we outnumbered him we won the battle we put him in jail and i was rewarded with a trip to rockhopper island it was fun but i left we will meet again another time

this is the first story i had
p.s. to be continued

25 08 2007

Once there was an agent cpa(club penguin agent) His name was Ace Mcmaner
His boss had a mission to destroy the horrible webkinz. All the cpas went teleported
To the webkinz another penguin was there that was not suppose to be there. It took about
3 min to get there. At the webkinz hq, the boss sent armys. Here uhh… who are you!
Tails 6. Ok here put this on! Ok. The cpas (all 5 of them) went to wbkinz hq and shot there snowball guns. To be continued…

25 08 2007

thats good mcmaner

25 08 2007

when i helped the p.s.a part 2 the return of tails!

by tails 6

it was normal in clubpenguin for us at the hq i was on coffee break with ace mcmaner until our phones rang it was g again he was telling to check the gift shop for any missing coins in the vault we sprang into action in to our clothes and we waddled to the shop we found a newbie agent waiting for us he was closing the door and he saw us after he closed it we need to seewhat happened to the coins he said he dosent know but he tried to remember the combination we went upstairs we saw a computer and it had a combonation file it was 4444 and we told the newbie agent the code it was 4444 and we opened it and we were looking i saw the coins on the ceiling!he said that was suspisius about it but g called us to get the roof key he had the key in his flipper we thanked g for his helpful idea we got to the door i saw a tuft of white fur while ace mcmaner was unscrewing the powa box (that means power box) we saw the inside he used the paper clip and the magnet turned off we had to go to the hq with g we gave him the info we saw and the fur we gave him was a very unknown fur we were now told to put the power in the night club on mcmaner had a flash light i had the goggles we saw he fuse box we needed it all in green when we did i turned my goggles off and mcmaner tyurted the flash light offwe were done we got the medal and a thank you card from the dancing penguin we were very helpful too we got a picture with aunt arctic and g it was a wonderful time oh qazar was in the picture too. no penguins and puffles are harmed in the making of the book.

26 08 2007

work with us


26 08 2007

ok jar999 ill need lucario when he comes back i need him on my buddy list again

26 08 2007
4 09 2007

work with us whats that mean?

4 09 2007


5 09 2007

im guessing admin i guess??? tails ill add u as a um… a contributer for now… (no idea wat that does) until tommorow when i meet jar999 at school and ask what he meant

24 09 2007


29 11 2007

sonic party!!!!!!!!!! pt 1
at my igloo me,lime,fireball,amy,fly,snow,ratty,and ashes were at my igloo haveing a sonic party
Tails:i cant wait to play games
snow:me too!!!!
*doorbell rings*
lime i,ll get it!
*door opens*
ratty:who is it
snow:who her
lime:om gosh its its its its……SALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *HIDES IN IE LAUNCHER CLOSET*
Sally:hey has anyone seen Tails 6
ratty:hes not here
sally:then where
tails:at um the ice rink.
to be continued…

1 12 2007

sonic party pt 2 the ice rink fight
sally:hello anyone here
evil sonic:have u been looking for me?
sally:dark sonic
dark sonic:yests me *kills sally in one touch*
sonic:good sallys off my back now thans dark sonic u can go on now

to be continued……….

10 12 2007


24 12 2007

Woah! And Tails’ Comment is a little…. Pixle.

12 04 2008

sonic part pt 3 the weirdest nutjob
tails:sallys gone
ratty:yeah finally
*doorbell rings*
tails:say back it might be barney the nutjob
barney:yes it is
tails:*shoots nutjob cannon* thats over
clip:hi you all!
tails:eyyyyyyyy clip
clip:barney the nutjob came did he
tails:our probs are over party

the end

20 09 2008


One day I was eating a waffle at my house. I went to use the bathroom. When I came back, my waffle was… *GASP!* STILL THERE! I washed my hands again and when I turned around, it was GONE!!! So I went to my friend’s house, which was about 3 miles away, (or so it SEEMED… more like 2… or 1… or less..) and SHE WAS EATING MY WAFFLE!
The End. 😀

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