18 09 2008

Hello Everyone, Im going to hold a contest but in a week or two. The contest will be for a rare penguin or a rare member penguin or member penguin or just a non-member penguin. People if you want more contest like this visit my site at

And put passwords in there for more awesome contest! Check back here to see.

~Gasnier 11~


the new play

12 09 2008

hey guys this is tails saying about the new play and pin and all these pictures i post are from chetlu671 a.k.a tech site:

what the stage looks like

what the coustumes look like

slso theres a new backround 

now the cheats my friend found the dark detective coat

and the backround move the note below

and do this to get the second hidden pin theres accually two pins out heres the original pin’

pictures property of chetlu671


thats about it see ya!


the aura is in me!

people we got a mystery on our hands

6 09 2008

people we got some bad news here what i mean is really because i think three people are spying on me


here is the suspect


 sonic underground

when you see them report back to me for the confrontation


update:people I now found sonia! two down one sonic to go!

hello ppls!

2 09 2008

hey guys tails here oh crud*gets pushed off*

freakazoid:hello im freakazoid i like this place its cool and im here with news

what exactly is the wb can someone tell me this what does it mean the water bucket the wimpy boy THE WET BANANAS I DONT KNOW WHAT! THE WEIRD BUTT!? WHAT IM ASKING!

tails:that was a report from the weird butt network we now go back to the argument of tails and freakazoid

*tails and freakazoid fight*

freakazoid:and we will be back soon so stay tuned!

tails chronicles have come to a close!

29 08 2008

im sad to say but my story page was hacked by an ad so i have no choice but to delete it anyone who loved it im very sry im gonna think of aq replacement thing for it like other storys besides that like crossovers of simpsons and clubpenguin very sorry for tails chronicles

ssbb site link

25 08 2008

hey guys tails here my friend mcmaner has a btrawl site if you need help go here



Hello, Fresh Start

23 08 2008

Hello, I’m Gasnier 11 this is one of my friends site and I think you know who its tails6000. Anyway i’ll be helping out on this site keep checking back and ya. So Enjoy!