the new play

12 09 2008

hey guys this is tails saying about the new play and pin and all these pictures i post are from chetlu671 a.k.a tech site:

what the stage looks like

what the coustumes look like

slso theres a new backround 

now the cheats my friend found the dark detective coat

and the backround move the note below

and do this to get the second hidden pin theres accually two pins out heres the original pin’

pictures property of chetlu671


thats about it see ya!


the aura is in me!




6 responses

12 09 2008

Thanx tails for the credit. 🙂
You rock!
almost 4,000 hits!
woot woot partay!

13 09 2008
Lil Mis Than/New Yorker

cool!! do you remember me?

14 09 2008

hey could i be an admin again? and srry i cursed on your blog. i wont do it again

14 09 2008

ill try my best buddy!

14 09 2008

yes i do lil mis than

14 09 2008

i made a forum for super smash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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