people we got a mystery on our hands

6 09 2008

people we got some bad news here what i mean is really because i think three people are spying on me


here is the suspect


 sonic underground

when you see them report back to me for the confrontation


update:people I now found sonia! two down one sonic to go!




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6 09 2008

oh why did he catch me! curse you my brother and sister might save me!

6 09 2008

manic nobody can save you but you know what your sister is well how should i put this


tails:yeah that! thanx

manic:all in the job!

*door knockings are heard*

tails:i wonder who that could be

mail man:hello you mr.tails

tails:yeah thanx i wonder whats in here

*box opens itself*

tails:is that my new guitar!

manic:looks like it!

tails:yeah im gonna rock crowds with this!

6 09 2008

well im gonna get the music out for my song

manic:if you want i can be a drummer

tails:give it a shot!

manic:thanks! *gets out drums*

tails:cool all we need is a bass player

manic:need help with it


manic:i know who!


6 09 2008

*at the underground headquarters*

tails:ready for the plan


sonia:well i wonder what the boys are up to

*note is on floor*

note says,we are spying on tails again will be back at 5:00 tuesday


sonia:well ok

tails:on three we go in

manic:ok 1…2…

*both ram into hq

sonia:oh your both here well i got .. ok whos the fox

tails:dont ask!

*sonia is in bag*

tails:that was easy


tails:sonic to go!

6 09 2008

*at my igloo*

tails:i wonder if shes in the bag

manic:yeah me too

*opens bag*

tails:all i see is a keyboard

manic:um look under it

tails:ok *puts out keyboard* all i see is a note

manic:lets read it

*note says*

nice try you gotta do somthing weird to get me away from the hq


tails:darn she got away

manic:.. i got a better idea! lets get her dirty!

tails:good idea she hates filth!


*at the hq*

tails:this shampoo filed with mud might get her


*both put on sales men duisguise*

*doorbell rings*

sonia:hello anything you might need

tails:here free shampoo

sonia:oh thanx!*closes door

*both run to tails igloo*

tails:thats gonna be funny!

6 09 2008

getting sonia pt 4

manic:lets see i put a camera in the bathroom

tails:ok lets see!

*in hidden camera*

sonia:maybe this shampoo might clean my pours

*shampoo bottle squirts mud*

lets see where he is *gets out radar* somewhere at an igloo whos resident is tails.. HES THAT MYSTERYOUS FOX!
im gonna get you

tails:?…. shes mad!

manic:dont worry i put a trap at your door

tails:the one with the foot trampleing rope

manic:yeah! and more ways to get her dirty on the way

tails:manic you are one crazy hedgehog

manic:its my job

6 09 2008

getting sonia pt 5

tails:lets see how the trap will work

sonia:a sign it says; tails igloo straight ahead

tails:crud whyd i put that sign!

manic:your crazy

tails:yes pretty much

*at the entrance

sonia:im gonna give them a peice of my mind!*gets caught by trap* just perfect a trap


tails:yeah we got ya!

sonia:so your tails are you

tails:yes and now if you want to be free join my band!

manic:or else!

tails:manic i say or else you can say it with me

sonia:or else what!

tails:i got that mud shampoo again!

sonia:that had mud in it!

tails:yeah now join the band!

sonia:whats the name

tails:sonic was off to vacation so lets call it tails underground

manic:what a cool name!

*tails and manic have conversation while sonia sneaks away*

tails:darn shen left

manic:we got the same trap so shes still here

sonia:ok i give im in your band


one more sonic to go!

7 09 2008

the turn down of tails under ground

tails:ok first order of business find snic at all costs

manic:i got an idea

sonia:what is it put more dirt on me

manic:no use our weapons to beat up tails

sonia:oh that im with ya!

tails:oh crud

manic:well not me you do it sonia


sonia:prepare to die fox boy


sonia:no one calls me a twit *turns keyboard into lazer gun*

tails:oh crud!

*lazer is shot into tails*

tails:… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

manic:oooh thats gotta hurt

sonia:ok ill stay

tails:ok good

7 09 2008

manic:is he ok


7 09 2008

tails:guys tell me


tails:why i dont know but go to your house i gotta plan

manic:i see where this is going!

7 09 2008
7 09 2008

tails:ok im ok now i got the plan! lets prank call robotnic

*at the fortress*


tails:sir your gonna die in five seconds!

robotnic:…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh *doesnt die*


10 09 2008

Sweet site, Tails!

11 09 2008

thanx lavaster

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