tails chronicles have come to a close!

29 08 2008

im sad to say but my story page was hacked by an ad so i have no choice but to delete it anyone who loved it im very sry im gonna think of aq replacement thing for it like other storys besides that like crossovers of simpsons and clubpenguin very sorry for tails chronicles




6 responses

29 08 2008

also im changing my name if you want call me tails or sonic

29 08 2008

that must suck!

Sorry bout that dude.

29 08 2008

i think that buzzlibby did that

29 08 2008

it wasnt her maybe i copied the lyrics of sweet victory with an ad with it so thats how maybe buzzluibby was part of it

29 08 2008

but i got an idea! im gonna make a new story of our adventures page you think of a good name if you think tell me

30 08 2008

buzzlibby is a boy…

ok the name…maybe “adventure time” might work

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