11 04 2008

it is the flu season on angel island and tails and clip are ready for the patients for their cures the viruses are gonna be comin in a rush so the better be fast and use those mega vitamens before the patients are infested with diseases like the flu (caused by yellow virus). Comeon comeon where is those megavitamins tails said.i have them said clip.”thanx dude” tails said winking to him in greatness the doorbell rings “ooh our patient”tails said.the patient gets on the bed “so what happened to you?”tails said.The patient is in a cold,fever,and cold.(caused by red blue and yellow virus)*tails um something looks familer about this one is kinda sweet* clip said.tails cures the pateint”thanx tails” kisses tails “its you cosmo” tails hugs her cosmo leaves “tails theres no one else coming maybe it affected cosmo only”clip said “yeah” tails said lets go home


                                   THE END!




2 responses

11 04 2008

i like that story! this was a nice thing of you do to! 🙂

11 04 2008

aww ur welcome

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