admin contest!

2 04 2008

everyone an admin contest is open and will end on the april 7th plz enter ur name e-mail and site and i will add you heres a example


i dont want to give my emal so heres my fake p.s. dont email that its not real jus example


and here u go sign the form and u r entered

update:no one entered so ill look for random people




4 responses

11 04 2008

hey tails! its your pal clip. hey yo uh dude i saw your comments on my barney posts. and i really like your additute for barney! so i made a barney post and your in it to! its about barney taking over planetclippy and sonic and YOu AND cosmo and knuckes rush in and save the day! ( oh and i also make a suprise visit in the end)

11 04 2008


11 04 2008

and i thought of a good story post and u make some help by being my assistant docter

11 04 2008

LOL why thanks a ton tails!

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